CLEANSENSE®  offers innovative solutions for the control of particulate contaminants (CLEAPART -100) and biocontaminants (CLEABIO ).

If you need any expertise or training in the field of contamination risk analysis and associated metrology (particulate, chemical and biochemical), CLEANSENSE® can help you!

CLEANSENSE® is involved in the international standardisation on cleanroom and controlled environment (ISO 14644).

What for?

Nowadays, many industries are sensitive to one or several forms of contamination : particulate, chemical or biocontamination.

On one side, optics, laser, automotive and space industries have to control their environment to avoid particulate and chemical contaminants mainly.

On the other side, health industries have to control the biocontamination.

Whatever industry you belong to, if you are sensitive to contamination, the first thing you should do is an exhaustive contamination risk analysis and the second one is to specify your cleanliness spécifications and environments (cleanroom or isolator or restricted access barrier systems) and the third one is to define your program to check and control that the contamination level in operation is always under your specified level in your different process stages! All of these steps are really challenging in an evolving environment ( new regulations, standards ISO 14644, 14698, BPF or GMP, new metrology, new staff…) and CLEANSENSE can help you, please contact us!


Dr. Isabelle Tovena Pecault

CEO, founder and the scientific expert of CLEANSENSE®

She has been working for 28 years at the French Atomic Energy Agency. She has been in charge of the Laser MegaJoule cleanliness, representing  50 000m2 of cleanrooms with very demanding specifications. This engaged her to develop new devices for the contamination monitoring. She takes part of the international standardization on cleanrooms and contamination control (ISO 14644). She is a member of  ASPEC ( Association pour la prévention et l’Etude de la Contamination) scientific committee. Metrology is one of her favourite hobby so she contributes, as a technical expert, to laboratory accreditation (COFRAC : French Accreditation Committee). She obtained her authorization to lead research degree in the Chemistry field in 2009.

In 2015, she received with Winlight System the special jury prize at CONTAMINEXPO for the CLEAPART-100(  used to be DELCO)

She is a doctor engineer in Material sciences and technologies. In 2016, she obtained the first prize for the best business plan at the HEC forum (Jouy en Josas).

Research gate profile I.Tovena Pecault

Stéphane MARTIN        

Sales manager and founder

He is  Sales Manager for La Roche-Posay, coaching around 10 sales representatives, selling techniques, communication techniques and management technique expert.

He started as Administration Manager of a Retirement Residence after scientific studies (bachelor of Fluid Dynamics) completed by a Commercial Manager bachelor.

He is a confirmed manager (22 yrs with 18 yrs in pharmaceutical industry), therefore knowing most of the firms and their operating rules, from the drugs to the implantable medical devices.

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Strategic Comittee :

Ludovic Escoubas  is graduated from Centrale Marseille (a French “Grande Ecole” of Engineer), and received a PhD in Optics in 1997. He is now Professor at Aix-Marseille University (AMU), director of the doctoral school “Sciences pour l’Ingénieur” at AMU, and researcher in the OPTO-PV Team (« Optoelectronics Components and Photovoltaics”) of IM2NP (CNRS Laboratory). His current research interests are photovoltaics and photonics. He has authored more than 250 papers and communications and holds 11 patents.

Research Gate profile L.Escoubas

Olivier Chancel is the sterility Assurance Expert at Merial, a Sanofi Company. Doctor Pharmacist, graduated in technological pharmacy, quality control and management. Formerly Head of Performance and Pharmaceutical Support in Merial, Toulouse, France. Provide a corporate support on sterility and aseptic processes to Merial sites. Used to work in or with the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years at various positions including pharmaceutical research and development, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, project management and production for both solid and injectable dosage forms.

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Michel Thibaudon is the scientific expert of the french national allergenes survey (RNSA).

He is a pharmacy doctor, involved for many years in international standardization on contamination control and cleanrooms. He is the scientific advisor and the Director of the french aerobiology network. He is now the president of the European Aerobiology Society.

Research gate profile M.Thibaudon

He contributes to the book :

Monitoring, Modelling and Forecasting the Pollen season

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

01/2013; DOI:10.1007/978-94-007-4881-1_4 ISBN: 9789400748804 In book: Allergenic Pollen, Editors: Sofiev, Mikhail and Bergmann, Karl-Christian

The section about monitoring covers the development of phenological networks, remote sensing of the season cycle of the vegetation, the emergence of the science of aerobiology and, more specifically, aeropalynology, pollen sampling instruments, pollen counting techniques, applications of aeropalynology in agriculture and the European Pollen Information System. Three data sources are directly related with aeropalynology: phenological observations, pollen counts and remote sensing of the vegetation activity. The main future challenge is the assimilation of these data streams into numerical pollen forecast systems. Over the last decades consistent monitoring efforts of various national networks have created a wealth of pollen concentration time series.